Everybody says that they are unique, everyone claims to be different, they want to be different and then there’s Electric Pulse! Here is a band who begs to differ, a band whose only difference, is that they claim to NOT be different! Electric pulse is true to the origins of Hard Rock and that is how they are different from all the other bands of their time.

At a time when everyone else strives to discover a new sound, when everyone else is letting go of music as it was, Electric Pulse has taken a pause, taken a few steps back and moved away from the rest of the crowd. They’ve gone back to the real world of Rock and Roll, the actual way it is supposed to be played, no backing tracks, just pure raw rock music.

In a place where a huge number of people think of Rock and Roll as “noise”, Electric Pulse has exploded onto the Indian music scene with its hybrid of Rock and Roll and Metal. They have carved a niche for themselves by choosing to go against the flow and not with it. There are bands playing softer music and there are bands that play the much harder music, Electric Pulse has somehow found a “medium”. The point of their music is to be a bridge between people who listen to softer genres of music and those that listen to heavy rock music. Even though they use a lot of distortion, they make sure they implement quality lyrics into their music. No harsh topics and no “gory” stuff, well, maybe just bits of it, so that people get a preview of what’s on the heavier side. While Electric Pulse is a hard rock band, they are also open and approachable to everyone and that is why they incorporate suitable melody lines into the music. The structure of their songs is “built to be liked”, and this is what they say, in their own words “comes naturally to us”.

But ultimately it’s not just about the past; it’s about what these four men can do together for the future. All the possibilities exist and they are not about to miss any of them.

Electric Pulse’s mainstream rock sound is heavily influenced by the likes of Black Sabbath, Rush, Rainbow, Thin Lizzy, Metallica, Megadeth and many more. They have eventually developed their own distinct sound by blending the Softer edge of Rock music with Heavy Metal’s brute force.

Based in Goa, Electric Pulse is made up of the cream of Rock and Roll musicians from around the country. Ashyar Balsara on lead guitar, Anirban Halder on vocals & guitar, Richard Carrasco who is probably one of the best bass guitarists to have emerged from Goa during the last few years and the volatile Jonathan Dias on the drums.

Electric Pulse originated in the middle of 2012. Their time together has been very fruitful as their hectic live performance schedule has enabled them to constantly improve their co-ordination and communication to get a tighter sound ; their music has progressed in a great way and by the end of 2014 they began preparing their first album. Today they have a lot more experience, their stage presence is insanely captivating, their understanding of each other on stage has come a long way from three years ago and the coordination is so perfectly orchestrated that you know there’s more of a single sound rather than four individual people playing up on stage.

An elderly couple from England once commented, “We’ve come all the way from England; and the last thing we’d expect to see, is a band from here, playing our own songs from back home better than some of our own boys”.  As a band they love all the appreciation they get, but then again, they “owe our reputation partly to the fact that we are based in Goa and have been exposed to an audience who understands us”.

Anirban Halder: (Guitar and Vocals) This self taught guitarist started playing live music for his college band which also happened to include fellow lead guitarist Ashyar Balsara. Mostly influenced by classic rock bands like Megadeth and Metallica and guitarists like  like Dave Mustaine, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani he also listens to some of the newer bands. While on a mission to discover other good musicians Anirban met Richard, one of the key elements forming Electric Pulse.

Ashyar Balsara: (Lead Guitar) While working at a leading Indian Hotel Chain, Ashyar realised that it was not the life for him. His passion was the guitar, he gave himself a deadline, one year to perfect himself enough to make a career out of it. Ashyar immersed himself deeply into what he was passionate about, learning by himself at a time when there wasn’t much on the Internet to go by. He told himself he wouldn’t let his passion go without a try, and now, three years later with an extremely keen ear and sense of music fused with his ability to play just about anything, his fingers do all his talking on the stage! This is the man keeping a watchful eye on the overall sound of Electric Pulse.

Richard Carrasco: (Bass Guitar) This immensely gifted musician started learning bass guitar at the age of 17. Merely five months later he played his first live show. A Blues lover he also has a great understanding of Classic Rock and Metal. Now, a decade later “Ricardo” as most of those close to like to call him, is in a league of his own. His favourite musicians are Cliff Burton, Jaco Pastorius, Jason Newstead and Flea. Richard has performed with some of the best in the business. Richard’s great ear for almost any kind of music, his steady walks with the bass and an almost telepathic connection with Johnathan is what sets the pulse in the bands sound.

Jonathan Dias: (Drums) The youngest member of Electric Pulse, began smacking those drums at the age of 8! This mastermind on the drum-kit is a powerhouse of energy and the backbone behind the steady rhythm section of the band. Jonathan comes from a family of musicians, and grew up watching his father play the drums for a number of the top Goan bands. He idolises drummers like Simon Phillips, Jeff Porcaro, Omar Hakim, Gavin Harrison, Vinnie Colaiuta and Stewart Copeland.