Electric Pulse announces release of debut album “Fight For our Right”

Electric Pulse is all set to independently release their debut album ‘Fight For Our Right’ on 25th September 2015. The band started working on the album in late 2014 and began recording at Audio Masters,Goa, India in March 2015 with a gruelling studio schedule. Further to the recording and mixing the album was mastered at Grammy Award winning Mercury Mastering Studios in California, USA. 

Being independently released, the entire project has been funded solely by the earnings of the bands prior performances since 2012. The band mentions that the much awaited debut album has taken time to produce to ensure a high quality complete musical experience of a full length album, which very few bands are doing today.

The eye popping album artwork has been done by Vesley Carrasco, perfectly capturing the essence and the theme of the album.

The title track, ‘Fight for Our Right’ was written back in 2008. The theme of the album  being overcoming society’s pressures and prejudices, allowing you to be yourself no matter what the circumstances might be. 

Writer & Producer, Ashyar Balsara mentions “ The way the music is written, It is not necessarily only related to Rock and Roll, it can be perceived in any form, by everyone and anyone who at any point of time feels oppressed by society’s opinions and thoughts”. This is not all that this album is about but in a way it is one aspect of it.” He continues to mention, “There are two songs that were done by us two years ago, however they’ve not been taken out of this album because they’re still ‘our’ songs and they’re still connected to the theme of the album”. 

The album will be launched digitally on 25th September 2015, available at iTunes, Amazon music, Google Play Music as well as a number of other digital stores.

The full track listing is:

  1. The Power Of Revolution (5:07)
  2. Hold On (4:43)
  3. Fight For Our Right (5:23)
  4. To The Rescue (7:28)
  5. Kill To Win (5:16)
  6. Set Your Soul on Fire (4:21)
  7. No Stranger, No Danger (5:50)
  8. A Life For a Life (9:39)